Thursday, July 3, 2008


Happy 4th everyone!! We are off to Sonora for the 4th and for our nephew, Joseph's birthday. He will be one on the 4th of July.

Sonora is one of those great old goldmining towns that just feels like home when you enter the city. Jeremy & I have been going there for the last ten years to visit his aunt & uncle that live up there. About three years ago Jeremy's parents built a beautiful home up there and we just love to visit.

It is such a feel good town full of history. We hate leaving when it's time to go.

So the major attractions, other than, as Rascall Flats sings in Mayberry, "sitting on the porch drinking ice cold cherry coke", there is the Cover's Apple Ranch( where you can get amazinginly yummy pies and breads from the bakery, the kids can look at all of the farm animals, take a ride on the train or play on their awesome playground.

There is the adorable and historic town, Columbia, that we love to visit. You can mine for gold, ride in a stage coach, make candles, get candy or ice cream from an adorable old soda shop, you can visit the old jail, watch the blacksmith create beautiful things, or just look around and shop.

There is also our favorite lake to take the waverunner out on Lake New Melones.

And of course my very favorite winery in the whole world Ironstone Vineyard. Probably one of my most favorite places in the universe. You have to go to this website and look around. Not only is their wine phenomenal, the grounds that their winery is on is absolutely goregeous. Here are a few snapshots from their website

Well I hope you all have a blessed 4th of July. I know we are all blessed by living in this amazing country!!! Enjoy the long weekend. God Bless!!

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lukabella said...

next time take me with you. It looks gorgeous!