Friday, August 8, 2008

Long time no talk...

Sorry everyone, I have been a very bad little girl!! I have not posted in a rather long time and a lit has happened in that time.

Jeremy's birthday was on July 26th and we all went to Oscars in Temecula to celebrate. We went down to the duck pond to feed the ducks afterwards.

The family eating dinner.

Audrey & Grandma Blake.

Audrey & Jeremy feeding the ducks. Couldn't figure out how to flip the picture, sorry!

Audrey & Myanna enjoying the carousel.

My adorable nephew Joseph stuffing his face.

We had a really nice time hanging out with the family. We always enjoy each others company, and this night was no exception. We are very blessed!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


This girl loves her food. She especially loves anything with tomatoe sauce that is super messy. These pictures are priceless!!

Pictures, it's about time...

Pictures from Sea World.

Audrey & Her Uncle Darren. They had so much fun on that ride together.

Getting all strapped in and ready to go!

My little MONKEY (Ally) chillin' out at the splash area in the Bay of Play at Sea World.

Audrey enjoying the splashing water with a bunch of other screaming crazy kids.

She had so much fun.

I just love my beautiful girls. They are trying at times but it is in moments like these that I am so greatful that God made me a MOMMY!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bad blogging...

Ok, so I am a lazy girl and I haven't posted in almost a week but I have been really busy with the girls this last week.

Sooo, we went to Sea World today. Fun times!! We actually had a blast. My wonderful brother met us there along with my girlfriend Tricia and her two kids. It was loads of fun. I will post some of our pictures tomorrow once I transfer the pictures from the camera.

I will chat with you all tomorrow. Have a blessed evening!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pictures from our trip.

So here are some snapshots from our weekend in HEAVEN!!!!

Here is Audrey & Daddy riding the train at the Cover's Apple Ranch.

Here are the kids, Joseph (my nephew), Audrey & Ally on an old fire wagon in Columbia.

I just love this shot!! This is Audrey walking down Grandma & Grandpa's driveway.

Audrey & Grandma paling around together on the property.

Little Miss Ally in her 4th of July dress.

Audrey in her 4th of July dress.

The girls together in Grandma & Grandpa's living room.
We had so much fun hanging out up in Sonora over the 4th of July weekend. The vacations are never long enough.
By the way, I am looking to start sewing the girls some semi-matching dresses for the summer somewhat similiar to the styles in the picture above. If anyone knows of a good tutorial online let me know!! I am anxious to pull my sewing machine out!!
Tah tah for now!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Home again, Home again...

I hate coming home from vacation!! Especially when it is coming home from Sonora. The kids are all out of whack because their sleeping habits have been thrown off and they have been spoiled by the grandparents.

It has been hard readjusting to life. Oh well!!

Anyway, I have tons of pictures that I fully intend to upload but will do so tomorrow. Just wanted to let everyone know that we are back!! Hope everyone has a awesome week.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Happy 4th everyone!! We are off to Sonora for the 4th and for our nephew, Joseph's birthday. He will be one on the 4th of July.

Sonora is one of those great old goldmining towns that just feels like home when you enter the city. Jeremy & I have been going there for the last ten years to visit his aunt & uncle that live up there. About three years ago Jeremy's parents built a beautiful home up there and we just love to visit.

It is such a feel good town full of history. We hate leaving when it's time to go.

So the major attractions, other than, as Rascall Flats sings in Mayberry, "sitting on the porch drinking ice cold cherry coke", there is the Cover's Apple Ranch( where you can get amazinginly yummy pies and breads from the bakery, the kids can look at all of the farm animals, take a ride on the train or play on their awesome playground.

There is the adorable and historic town, Columbia, that we love to visit. You can mine for gold, ride in a stage coach, make candles, get candy or ice cream from an adorable old soda shop, you can visit the old jail, watch the blacksmith create beautiful things, or just look around and shop.

There is also our favorite lake to take the waverunner out on Lake New Melones.

And of course my very favorite winery in the whole world Ironstone Vineyard. Probably one of my most favorite places in the universe. You have to go to this website and look around. Not only is their wine phenomenal, the grounds that their winery is on is absolutely goregeous. Here are a few snapshots from their website

Well I hope you all have a blessed 4th of July. I know we are all blessed by living in this amazing country!!! Enjoy the long weekend. God Bless!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

A day at the beach....

We had so much fun at the beach earlier this week. This was Ally's first time at the beach, and I think she liked it. She has had a bit of a cold this week so she has been unusually grouchy so it was hard to tell if she really liked it or not.

Audrey of course love, love, loved it!!!! She was covered in sand, in fact I am still finding some here and there 4 days later. She loved the water and loved building sand castles.

My sister went with us and is now Audrey's favorite Auntie in the world. She keeps asking for Auntie and the beach!!

On a different note, I am finally finding time to do some cross stitching. YEAH!! It has been a while. I have been working on the girls scrapbooks a lot lately but I haven't made any time for my cross-stitching. I will post some pictures of my progress soon.
I hope you all have a blessed weekend!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Joseph's Birthday Party

So my nephew turns 1 on the 4th of July. Some of us are going up to Northern California, where the grandparents live so that we can all celebrate on his actual birthday. Last weekend we celebrated in Escondido with those who can't make it up north for his real birthday so these are a few pictures of the fun.


So what do I do with this thing????

The cake.

My gorgeous niece, Sofia and her daddy, my brother-in-law, Mehran.
We had a really great time. It is always such a blessing to celebrate the first year of life. Children, although they can be a handful, and believe me mine have been for the last two weeks, they are a miracle from God and I am so thankful for my children and my niece and nephew. They are so precious to me!!

This one's for you Kim. Now if I can only get it into my side bar!! Everyone visit Today's Creative Blog, it is my new favorite place to hang out!!

Wow, what a couple of days we have had....

The drama has been huge at our house this last week. About two and a half months ago Audrey was hospitalized for 4 days due to some issues with seizures and a major break out of hives because of nasty viral infection. Well Sunday morning I went to change her diaper and right there in front of me was some nasty looking welts. All I could think of was, IT'S BACK!!!
Well we took her to Urgent Care Sunday morning, (poor Jeremy, what a sucky Father's Day) and she had a nasty viral infection in the back of her throat. Because of the issues that we dealt with 2 months ago he wanted her back in the doctor's office the next day to monitor the hives.

The next day we took her in and the the hives had worsened. On top of that she had developed a nasty ear infection too. Well thank God for Dr. Reed. She was all over it. She gave Audrey steroids which got rid of the hives completely by the next morning. (Praise the Lord!!)
On top of Audrey being sick Ally was throwing up over the weekend and had some pretty severe diarrhea. No fun.

Anyway, last Saturday we had some fun celebrating our sister-in-laws birthday and Jeremy's aunt's birthday. We went to a mexican restaurant in Escondido and we all had some fun.

The Birthday Girls!!

The Kids.

Ally Girl!!

We had the privilege of having my sister come up and spend a couple of days with us!! It was so nice to have her help and the girls adore her. I desperately needed some help with two kids that were on the mend.

Audrey & Auntie Traci

We built a castle with paper towels. I have never seen Audrey get so excited!! She kept saying I DID IT every time she got another paper towel roll to stay on top of the last one. It was loads of fun!!
Hope all is well with everyone. This is quite a big post but a lot has gone on since my last one.

Monday, June 9, 2008

My Bikini Girls

Aren't they cute? I love the matching bikini's. What is it with me and making the girls twins. Oh well I just think they are adorable. They love going over to Auntie's pool and hanging out. Thought I would get a quick pic before they got drenched.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I am getting the hang of this...

I think I am finally getting the hang of this blog thing. I am venturing out into the world of all things internet and wow I am finding some really cool stuff.

I even became a facebooker. Wow that is a trip. I am finding all sorts of people that I haven't talked to in years.

Anyway, here are a few new pictures of the girls. They are the Target twins. Look at the cute matching pink outfits that I got the girls at Target. It was a super steal at $2.99 each for the shirt and shorts. Aren't they adorable!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ally Girl

Yummy!!! This is Ally several months ago when she was sweet!! Just kidding, she is still sweet, just a lot of work. This was one of the first times she got baby food.